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 Dan Regan- Teaching in Canejo Valley ,California

Dan is the founder of Regan's Martial Arts. He has been training in Martial Arts throughout most of his life and has earned the respect of many well known teachers.  Dan is known as a very well rounded Martial Artist, and excellent teacher. He refers to himself as a Professional Student, always looking to learn from new teachers and always looking to improve. He does not certify teachers very easily, it takes hard work and dedication for many years so you can rest assured all teachers listed below have passed very strict requirements. 

 Coach Mark Williams- Teaching in NY (Wing Chun)

Mark has been involved with Martial Arts for over 20 yrs. He is a Senior Instructor (Sifu) in Regan's Wing Chun, as well as an Instructor in Hung Suen Wing Chun(Rick Spain lineage), Endless circle Ryu Karate /Jiu Jitsu and Aikido and recieved his Sensei rank in 1990.  Mark continued moving up in rank in Endless circle Ryu each year, and in 2000 he was awarded ranking of GODEN SENSEI(5th degree)  . Mark is a coach in our JKD program  as well and  operates the NY fighting Concepts Dragon Academy. Mark teaches private lessons and group classes in NY City, and can be contacted at

Coach Brett Jackson-Teaching in Long Island (Muay Thai, Kali, BJJ)
Brett is a senior student in Regan's Kali/ Arnis, he has been cross training in various Martial Arts  for over 18 years. Brett is  a Brazilian Jiu JItsu purple belt  and has won many tournaments fighting for team KIOTO under GrandMaster Mansur (Red belt Master under Helio Gracie.)  Brett is a personal trainer  and teaches private lessons in various locations in Long Island NY.Brett can be reached at

Coach Raymond Abrecea- Teaching in NY City (Personal Training, Muay Thai and MMA).

Coach Ray has 17 yrs experience in Martial Arts and personal training. Ray and his brother Ryan were students and training partners of Danny's for many years . A very tough striker and grappler Ray started with Shooto and Muay Thai at a school where Danny trained and helped teach at in the mid 1990's. Ray and his brother also train their grappling for many years at the Renzo Gracie Academy and Ryan is  a Blackbelt and Ray is a Brown belt  in Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Anyone looking to get in great shape or looking for practical martial arts training in the Manhattan area should give Coach Ray a call at (908)307-8909. Ray and Ryan have opened Abracea Brothers BJJ in New Jersey.


Thee Sanpitaksaree- Thee has been training with Dan for the past 7-8 years and is a APPRENTCE INSTRUCTOR in Wing Chun, Kali/Silat and Bagua. Thee is certified to teach the Cheng Bagua basic 8 palms and old 8 palms in Bagua as well as Wing Chun Siu Nim Tau levels 1-4 which include all applications and drills that accompany the form. Thee has recently earned Apprentice Instructor in our Kali/Silat program in 2018! 

Ernest Villafane- Ernie began his Wing Chun training back in 1989 at the Jun Chi Wing Chun Academy. It was later in the early 1990's that he met Dan  as they trained together at a crosstraining school in Long Island for over a decade. Ernie cross trained in various arts and  always continued to have a passion for Wing Chun. His passion led him to train with several Wing Chun Instructors throughout the years. After connecting with Danny again and learning the RMA (Regans Martial Arts)Wing Chun Curriculum for Siu Nim Tau level, Ernie is certified to teach the curriculium for Siu Nim Tau levels. Ernie is also a purple belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu under Fabio Clemente and has had extensive training in boxing as well. Ernie is located in Saugerties NY and can be contacted at (347)697-0454

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